Course Outline - Option 2 - A/C Mechanical 101


There are a total of 6 class modules included in this option.

You will learn thermodynamics, BTU’s, heat transfer, basic refrigeration and much more.

You will also receive a full training class for EPA certification along with the test.

Class ID Class Title Hours
JWA101 Thermodynamics I 8 Hours
Students will learn what heat is and how it moves. Students will learn the 3 laws of heat and 3 methods of heat transfer. They will learn the differences of sensible heat and latent heat and which one does the best work for the HVAC industry. They will utilize tools and their senses in touch and sight to identify temperature variations.

JWA102 Thermodynamics II 8 Hours
Students will be able to calculate BTU’s in sensible and latent heat. Students will learn how to read and plot Psychrometrics charts. Students will learn and understand the properties of air.

JWA103 Basic Refrigeration I 8 Hours
Students will learn the properties of refrigerant and how the laws of heat transfer affect it. Students will understand the major and minor components of an air conditioning and heat pump system.

JWA104 Basic Refrigeration II 8 Hours
Students will learn how the refrigeration cycle works and be able to identify the condition of the refrigerant in each component.

JWA105 Basic Refrigeration III 8 Hours
Students will learn how to connect refrigerant gauges and calculate superheat and sub-cooling in a refrigeration system as well as proper charging. Students will learn proper evacuation to an air conditioning system.

JWA116 EPA Certification 12 Hours
Students will learn and certify for the EPA section 608 certification as mandated by the US government for refrigerant handling. This certification covers; Ozone Depletion, Chemical Reaction, Chlorine Monoxide, Global Warming Potential, Enforcement, Recovery and Evacuation requirements, refrigerants, oils, refrigeration, gauges, leak detection, leak repairs, safety, cylinders and disposal.

Course Duration: 36 hrs of classroom training plus 16 hours of lab

The approximate time required to complete this course is 10 days.

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