Course Outline - Option 3 - A/C Electrical 101


There are a total of 3 class modules included in this option.

You will learn how electricity is made. You will learn about different types of circuits and wiring, as well as how to read diagrams. You will also receive training on electrical application, teaching you how to wire heat pumps, gas heaters and other appliances.

Class ID Class Title Hours
JWA106 Basic Electrical I 8 Hours
Students will learn how electricity is made and how it works. They will learn the difference between alternating current and direct current and how they are applied in the HVAC industry.

JWA107 Basic Electrical II 8 Hours
Students will learn the difference between series, parallel and series/parallel circuits. They will learn how wiring diagrams are read, the symbols of the electrical components and how they work.

JWA108 Electrical Application 8 Hours
Students will learn the wiring of and air conditioning, heat pump, electric heat and gas heater is connected to each appliance. They will learn how to connect the electrical wiring to a thermostat and power it up and program it.

Course Duration: 16 hrs of classroom training plus 8 hrs of lab

The approximate time required to complete this course is 6 days.

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